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JEREMY’S CHICKS #MoreThanChickenRice recipes has it’s roots in the Wenchang Chicken dish, one of the four Hainanese menu that dates back from the Qin Dynasty. Our Muslim-friendly chicken rice has been updated with additional local chicken fare to appeal to all chicken lovers!


With endless menu options cooked fresh daily from our kitchen, including chicken rice, Hong Kong Wantan Mee, Veggie, and additional sides options, come dine with us as we are #MoreThanChickenRice!


Enjoy Juicy, Tender, Muslim-Friendly Chicken Rice!

We make our chicken rice with fresh and quality ingredients, cooked well with love! Try all our chicken flavours and let us know which one you love the best!

Ayam Roasted

Jeremy’s Chicks signature Roasted Chickens is made with love and precision, to ensure every bite is succulent and juicy. Carefully basted with hot oil all over after roasting, it has crispy skin that is undeniably delicious! If you like your chicks tanned to golden perfection on the outside and tender on the inside, our Roasted Chicken is the perfect chick for you!

Jeremy's Chicks Menu Roasted Chicken

Jeremy's Chicks Menu Poached Chicken

Ayam Poached

Our Poached Chicken is the main chick that kicked off our menu. They are slow-cooked gently over 4 hours with fragrant aromatics and spices, then soaked in an ice bath to halt the cooking process, allowing the skin to become crispy! If you prefer your chicks well-flavoured, juicy and wholesome, our Poached Chicken is your one true chick!

Jeremy's Chicks Menu BBQ Chicken


Marinated in sweet and smoky BBQ sauce and roasted in the oven to achieve perfect caramelization for juicy and tender BBQ Chicken!

Jeremy's Chicks Menu Fried Chicken


Enjoy tasty Fried Chicken, marinated and coated in our secret flour mix before superbly fried to golden brown perfection! Served with Sambal Balado.

Jeremy's Chicks Menu Percik Chicken


Feast on delicious Percik Chicken, made with fresh ingredients such as turmeric, lemongrass, coconut milk, and herbs and spices. Served with Sambal Balado.

Jeremy's Chicks Menu Kicap Chicken


Enjoy the delicious and spicy taste of our special Kicap Chicken, with aromatic notes of garlic, spices. Served with Sambal Balado.

Noodle lovers rejoice! Enjoy our perfectly cooked Hong Kong wantan with topping variations!

Slurp on hearty, wholesome and nutritious soup such as our signature plump fishball soup!

Pair your meal with our freshly cooked to order veggies such as our dark green Pak Choy.

Round up your meal with optional addons such as chicken rice, wholecooked braised eggs and tofu!

We Are Ready To Serve You The Best Chicken Rice In Town!


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